Hi, my name is Tracy. I’m an OutdoorsyGirl.

What does that mean?

I’m your typical city dweller who loves bright pink and teal, yoga, crafting, cooking, baking and dance.

But I also get my kicks conquering mountains on a brutal backpacking trip, being tossed around by ocean waves, or sending a difficult rock climbing route. I like getting dirty just as much as going to the spa. I enjoy finding a stellar pair of climbing shoes as much as the perfect pair of heels. I hike in dresses, braid my hair, pick up trash and restore trails. And I always have going out clothes and nail polish ready in the trunk.

Who says a 5.12 climber can’t wear purple leggings, enjoy online jewelry shopping or frost cupcakes like a champ? I know a few who do.

So if you too, are a rad chick who paddles hard all day but gets ready in time for her hot date on the town, is here for you. From product reviews, activity ideas, personal stories and professionally planned “OutdoorsyGirl” trips, you’ll find something to support your next excursion.

Because for us girls, it’s not just adventure. It’s adventure-chic.

2 thoughts on “Background

  1. This is awesome! I met you guys a few weeks back in Joshua Tree Climbing. I think the idea of this site is awesome! Let me know if you need writers, photographers, videos, etc., I’m so down for helping you guys. I have a bunch of awesome footage that I need to get to you guys. Feel free to email me at: ALso, we are planning a camping trip 7-9th with a few good friends, midway between Los Angeles & San Fran if you guys are interested in joining? We are planning to make a fun video out of it, and we need more girls on the team LOL! ALso, check out Joshua Tree video coming soon…


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