Welcome to OutdoorsyGirl.com!

OutdoorsyGirl (n) An adventure finding, risk taking, fun loving female who flawlessly balances her outdoor prowess with lady-like disposition.

OutdoorsyGirl.com is the voice for the growing and thriving population of women who are interested in the outdoors. Some OutdoorsyGirls are experienced guides, athletes and instructors, others are weekend warriors, hobbyists and nature lovers. Regardless of the outdoor activity or experience level, we have something in common– we’re girls, and that girl-ness is a part of our lives when we’re facing rapids or facing ex’s.

From product reviews, activity ideas, personal stories and professionally planned “OutdoorsyGirl” trips, you’ll find something to support your lifestyle and your next excursion.

It’s about creating a community that’s not only adventurous. We’re adventure-chic.

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