Ode to Driving Dresses

After a pretty grueling, 50+ mile ride last weekend (with over 5300 feet of elevation, yeesh…) with GGTC, I can’t stop thinking about one thing.

My driving dress.

There’s nothing better than feeling exhilarated and accomplished after a hard ride. Except for a burrito. Or changing out of the sticky padded spandex and taking a shower. Second to that? Throwing on a little dry shampoo, using a few face-wipes and changing into a flowing, comfortable, clean dress to consume aforementioned burrito. I usually call this my driving dress, because after I often I drive about an hour to a ride start. After refueling, I face the drive back, and like to do so with a little flair.

I have three dresses, all of which are long, free-form and comfortable. I recently acquired a new driving dress, which is long, patterned, lacy and still comfortable.

These dresses are big enough to fit over my bike kit, so I can change easily. They’re also small/durable enough to fit into any bag I’m carrying at the moment. They make me feel a bit more put together while perfectly relaxed. They’re easy. They’re just the right amount of girly. Did I mention they are comfortable?

I’m going on another ride tomorrow, and I’m just as (okay, almost as) excited packing my driving dress as I am packing my bike shoes. I sure am grateful for all that relief a little dress can bring.

Mark Twain said, “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.”

I am unstoppable in a dress.

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