Thoughts on Photos

Whenever I see 70 degree temperatures in the Bay on a lovely January day, I’m struck equally by two emotions- fear of the very real climate change we’re seeing, and a guilt-ridden glee for the possibility of outdoor activities. Regardless, yesterday’s ride (check it out on Strava) was absolutely stunning; I can’t complain. Green hills and open pastures, marshland and bird songs, chilly, fragrant redwoods–a true California heaven.

On the ride, my friend Christa and I were discussing outdoor photography, mostly about how difficult it is to capture nature through an Iphone. I agree. I have a few good photos on Instagram from adventures in 2014 and will admit to being annoying about triathlon through social media with a few too many bike selfies. I’m only slightly ashamed.

However, these shots are nothing compared to the artistry of my professional photographer friends. Somehow, these talented folk are able to fuse the majesty of mother nature with human character. They are able to document the intimacy between humans and earth, be it an intimacy of joy, solace, healing or survival. These photographers share with us such a beautiful form of connection

In short, they deserve some shout-outs. These are folks I know who personally inspire me with their talents:

Alex Wang

Kris Bason

Nina Lorenz

I know there are so many incredible photographers out there– tell me about them in the comments!

(Side note- it’s always fun to find old pictures stashed in boxes, and I found a few of those pictures recently. I actually remember catching that fish in Porcupine Creek, right out of Porcupine Flats, campsite 29 in Yosemite. The climbing photo is a few years later in Tuolumne. I started young!)

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