A little parcel in Bend.

As many of you know, I have a dream. I have a dream for a little parcel of land somewhere in the high desert, that’s a sacred space and adventure mecca one. This summer, completely unintentionally, I found that space.

It was a stopover on a road trip, on the way to a triathlon which was on the way to a backpacking trip. I fell in love with the area around Bend, Oregon and the wheels started turning.

I have a not-so-secret passion for working with women and girls (past jobs as a Program Manager for GirlVentures, doing Community Development for Girl Scouts) and I care about creating all female spaces. I like to get dirty, play hard and enjoy healthy competition through outdoor sports, such as rock climbing, cycling, open water swimming, triathlon, backpacking, skiing… the list continues. I started a shell of a website back in 2011 called outdoorsygirl.com , which turned into a meetup which turned into a personal blog and is now pretty sleepy but always had inklings of becoming a business. It just didn’t know how. (Help with the website is also appreciated!)

Finally, I love making art. Water colors, acrylics, crafts of all sorts.  I love to cook for people. Good, wholesome, lovely food. I love to sing and play music, too.

How can I combine all these things? Ah. It really came to me when I drove right into Bend, Oregon. It’s all there.

I have a dream of buying 5 acres in the Bend/Sisters area. I want to build yurts and composting toilets, and I want to grow food. I want to create a place that feels like home to many women, a quiet place that allows for reflection and a wild place that hearkens celebration. I want to create a retreat center in Bend.

I’m admitting that I’m a crazy nature loving hippee. No shame. It’s silly, it’s childish, it’s idylic. But I’m going to make it happen.

I have two female business partners who share my dream. But, now we need capital for a down payment. Land and all the construction will likely cost us close to $250k all in. I’m not worried about that. I know we can figure it out. We just need to get started.

Which is why I’m asking for donations towards a down payment. The goal? Each of us will put in 30k. I need your help!

Please donate to my land in Bend. I’m starting an Etsy store to sell my art, I’m picking up odd jobs, I’ll do anything to make this happen. I’d love your support. http://www.gofundme.com/outdoorsygirl.


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