An Update and an Ask.

A few folks have asked me– what’s going on with your retreat center plan? Your buying land in the middle of nowhere plan?

I haven’t been talking about it much, but I am excited to report that the dream is still alive!

I still feel deeply called to the purpose of starting my own retreat center. And, as will happen with life, the trajectory to getting to my dream is much more of a windy path than a straight road. Along the path, I’ve picked up coaching.

Last month, I finished 100+ hours of training with the Coaches Training Institute. That’s over 100 hours of learning concepts, practicing concepts, coaching and being coached. I know for certain that coaching is part of what I’m meant to do, and I’ve decided to proceed with getting certified with CTI, which means another 6+ months of coursework, supervised coaching calls and consistently coaching 5-8 clients for those 6 months (another 100 hours of coaching). I love listening to people, asking questions, and seeing the shift in someone when they feel possibility arrive in their lives. This feels right.

Mastery is a value for me, and I think certification will help me gain mastery and continue to build a client list. I’m also motivated to start coaching at work and make team building a bigger part of my current job, as organizational development is a huge interest area of mine.

However, this next step is not without its challenges. I intend to remain fully invested in work at Strava, and right now things are very very busy. I am working many extra hours, and I am committed to fully executing on my work responsibilities.

So, it’s been hard for me to find any personal time, let alone dedicate time to finding clients. I have set aside hours on evenings/weekends to coach and feel that time is sustainable. But, the time needed to market and outreach to potential clients is time that’s hard for me to come by.

I need help. I need friends to spread the word and refer clients. If you know anyone who would be interested in coaching, please send them to my website ( and encourage them to book a sample session. Or, just have them send me an email at and I’ll take it from there. I’ll also be posting links on Facebook and Instagram that I’d encourage you to share.

Why should they hire a coach? Here’s a great list of reasons.

Why am I coaching? To help people improve their own lives and get what they really want. To intentionally build a sustainable business that has a positive impact on individuals and organizations. To buy a little parcel of land and start working towards building a women’s retreat center.

And, to try to take over the world (with kindness and empathy, of course).



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