Running has never been my favorite sport, but it does get the heart pumping and the endorphins flowing, and mainly, it is the closest thing to dance that connects music and movement. I often find myself lost in a melody, spazz-run-dancing down a trail or sidewalk. Those are the best moments, the ones that make … Continue reading Run/Dance!

This is uncomfortable.

I'm in a pretty body-image fighting mood today, and I'm compelled to write about it. Which is strange, because writing about things such as "weight" and "body image" bring up an entangled ball of raw emotions that I generally like to keep scribbled away in little black Moleskine, tucked between entries entitled "Baking Boners- Put It Away!" … Continue reading This is uncomfortable.

Welcome to!

OutdoorsyGirl (n) An adventure finding, risk taking, fun loving female who flawlessly balances her outdoor prowess with lady-like is the voice for the growing and thriving population of women who are interested in the outdoors. Some OutdoorsyGirls are experienced guides, athletes and instructors, others are weekend warriors, hobbyists and nature lovers. Regardless of the … Continue reading Welcome to!